Rev. Megumi reports how Jesus answered to our prayer.

Megumi reports how our prayer was answered by our faithful Lord.


Here’s an update on my health situation.  


Thank you so much for your concern about me and for your sincere prayer.

Praise the name of our Lord!

It was not easy discussion with Dr. but I'm very happy that the Dr. agreed to do my surgery.



Gallbladder Gland Muscle Neoplasia, gallstones, and chronic cholecystitis, but they could not be sure if there is a small cancer or not.

They have to operate to confirm it with tissue biopsy during operation.


Judgment grounds:

1) Image diagnosis: The diagnosis at Iwate Medical University is presumed that the contrast agent was probably perceived as a shadow like a tumor.

However, our conclusion is that if the cancer is large, the wall of the bile duct will be thicker and dilated and the wall may be irregular. However, it cannot be said that there is no small cancer.


2) Cancer marker, CEA in blood test was in the normal range this time. If you have cancer, it must be elevate more. I don't even know why CEA was rising at Iwate.


Following is the discussion between Doctor and Megumi

From the explanation written above, Dr. said, "Usually, it is not always necessary to accelerate the surgery immediately, and it may be possible to carry out follow-up."


Megumi "At least under the circumstances where there are symptoms of cholangitis and gallstones have been found, and the existence of small cancers has not been completely ruled out, I have no reason to postpone cholecystectomy. I would like to have a surgery!


Dr. : Okay. However, considering the risk of Dr. Ono's pulmonary hypertension. The surgery is not so difficult itself, so I think it would be more benefit for you to find an appropriate hospital with a cardiology department.


Megumi: I understand your concern because there is no cardiologist here during operation. 

I know it's risky but my cardiologist and Iwate Medical University cardiologist and anesthesiologist also confirmed I am good condition enough for operation.

If so, I'm telling you that my risk hasn't changed under this situation. It is within the safe range. Why are you so afraid that there is risk to operate here?

This National Cancer Research Center has excellent doctors and staffs from all over the country and has many patients with difficult disease being treated. I am also one of them. I think there is a greater need for patients like me with PH because it is a less favorable situation than patients with not much risks. Why isn't there cardiologists here?


Dr.  No. we have a part-time cardiologist here, and we can always ask them consult.


Megumi : Then, can't you ask them to take care of me?  The anesthesiologist must know about the respiratory and circular system.  Do the anesthesiologists say that they cannot manage my anesthesia during my surgery? I can fully understand what you say. Would you please take my situation into consideration as well?

I traveled from a faraway and had many exams in both hospitals, you know?  I accept that if something happens during the operation and even I die I can accept it. Please don't be afraid to operate me.  My family and friends all over the world are praying God for you to accept my surgery here.


He considered for a while and told.


Dr. : I understood. Let's do it.



They have many patients so I still don't know the date of surgery but he said that he will try his best to arrange as soon as possible.


Thank you everyone for your love and prayer for me..

I will continue to report my update.

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