Pastor (Megumi Ono)

Pastor Megumi's Biography

Hello! I am Megumi

Megumi was born in Tenma, Nachikatsuura Town, Wakayama Prefecture. Her father and grandfather were pastors. After graduating from Shingu High School, she studied medicine at Ewha Women’s University in South Korea, and after getting her medical license retook the exams in Japan so as to be able to practice medicine in Japan. She then furthered her studies to specialize, becoming an anesthetist at Seirei Hamamatsu Hospital.

She met and married Michio Ono, and they started a family together. They lived in eight different countries over 20 years as medical missionaries with their three sons. She was dispatched as the first medical officer of the Japanese Embassy in the Republic of Zambia in Africa, and then studied for two years at Bethel Seminary in Minnesota, in the US. While in Minnesota she was trained as a hospital chaplain at Mayo Clinic, and later at the Harvard University Hospital in Boston.

My Home Town

My home town is Kinan, Wakayama です