Dream Sharing Workshop

A lecture and workshop were held and sponsored by the Dream Talk Association. 

Please see the flyer for the program.

Part 1: Dr. Megumi Ono, a representative of the Dream Talk Association gave a presentation.

She talked about her childhood, adolescence, 20 years of experience as a medical missionary family overseas, and her dreams up to now after returning to Japan. She shared the importance of gratitude.

Part 2: Workshop

We divided into eight groups, and the participants had discussions and presentations about what kind of dreams they had. What they need to do to achieve them? 

Their common dreams were good health, financial security, wanting to contribute to their society by fulfilling their current jobs, happiness for their family, travel after retirement, and world peace.

Their ideas to achieve their dreams were to have a balanced diet and exercise for good health, save money because they need money to realize their dreams, deepen interaction with peers, and curiosity for learning.

There was laughter and active engagement from each group. 

Suggestions from Dr. Megumi Ono.

  • Have concrete dreams.
  • Be confident that you can achieve it and never give up.
  • The motivation and process to make your dreams come true are important and be grateful for everything.


In the end, we all recited famous quotes from great people and expressed our gratitude.

<William Smith Clark>

Boys, be ambitious!
Not against money, not against self-interest, and not against that vain thing that men call fame. To accomplish all the things that a human being must be prepared to do. Boys, be ambitious! 

<Eiichi Shibusawa>

Those without dreams have no ideals. A person without ideals has no beliefs.

A person without faith has no plan. Without a plan, there is no execution.

No results. A person without achievements has no happiness.