Introducing Mr. Lebo Tladi from South Africa living in our Town "Kushimoto"

Our friend Mr. Lebo Tladi from South Africa


Mr. Lebo Tladi was born in South Africa in July 1994. Having lived in the tranquil and serene Limpopo province, Lebo has always loved nature because this province is abundant in nature. However, since 2008 he has spent most of his time in the capital city, Pretoria, where he completed his high school studies at St Alban’s College and thus went on to study further at The Design School of Southern Africa where he obtained his BA degree in Graphic Design. These days, Lebo lives and works in Japan as an ALT in Kushimoto Town, Wakayama Prefecture.

Before moving to Japan, he always had an interest in Japanese cuisine, the rich culture and history, the language, the economy, the cities and nature. Since arriving, he has been satisfied with life in Japan. From an outsider's perspective, it's a very peaceful country which one can have a good life in and enjoy for many years. Although he travelled much of Western Japan already, he would still love to see many more prefectures and live an adventurous life in the country. For him, the people make the country more special and enjoyable.


His hobbies include reading, painting, drawing, cycling, hiking, swimming, cooking, and watching documentaries. He also regularly enjoys meeting new people and sharing his experiences with others.

These are some of his arstic works and foods he made.