My dream is fulfilled 

My dream is fulfilled 

Since I was a child I loved detective dramas. At that time, I used to listen to the radio because there was no TV in our community. 

I had a strong sense of justice and I was often covering my bullied classmates.

One day, a friend of mine asked me to help because one girl was bullied and she was crying. 

I hurried there. It was him who was infamous as a badass called T. 

I asked him what’s wrong with you. He said immediately " Shut up! It's non of your business! " 

And he slammed a punch on my right cheek. I felt dizzy so much. His punch was so strong because he had been trained boxing since kindergarten. 

At that moment, the words of the Bible came to my mind.

“But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also. NIV

So, I was standing calm turning my left cheek to him.

I had a very bad feeling.

As was expected, T seemed more hateful and shouted at me saying “ You have no pain, how about this one”. He slammed my left cheek again. 

Then I was out of patience and pushed him down on the floor.

Perhaps he never imagined if I would strike back and he ran away. 

When I returned home, my grandmother found a bruise on my cheek, and she applied ice there.

I desired to be stronger enough to score against people who were violent.

At the same time I asked God. "God, I can't leave the bad guys free. Please let me catch the criminals like detectives on radio dramas. Please give me a chance to do that.  

I will promise you to give everyone a testimony that God is so good and righteous.

I continued to pray every night. Few months passed since then.

One day, after playing with my friend, on the way home, I came across a car and motorcycle collision. But the car ran away without stopping! Immediately I memorized its’ back car number. 

 I would never forget it was 3313. 

Fortunately, the person didn't get injury. Immediately a police car came there.

I told a police officer, "I memorized the car number of the criminal.” 

 "Oh! Really? Is it right number? Well, you are just a little kid. I'm not sure you did correctly but tell me the number. I'll call your mom at 8 o'clock in this evening. Give me your phone number and home address."

I felt that police was rude in his attitude.

While coming back home I thought I made it at last! Surely my mom must be proud of me. 

I told my mother everything about what happened.

However, she complained with a reproachful tone "Why did you do that? What would you do if you made a mistake! Police may catch wrong person as a criminal.”

I was so disappointed and depressed. It is not right, isn’t it? 

I was scared to wait for the 8 pm, but the time came. Then the phone rang "Lilyn"  

My mother replied to the police man continuously saying "Yes, yes, Yes. thank you." 

She smiled and said, "Memi-chan! You were right. The number was just the criminal's. One day, the police department will send you a letter of appreciation." "I was released from the worry!" I was so excited and I prayed "God ! finally realized my dream! All were possible because of you, God. Thank you for listening my prayer and keeping promise. I will continue telling this story to everyone forever."

The next day when I woke up my parents and grandmother were reading a newspaper and informing me that my action was written in the article using big space. “Megumi Ono contributed to the arrest of the criminal by notifying the back number of the runaway criminal’s car.”

Later, The police chief came to the school and gave me a letter of appreciation and Disney's alarm clock.

I talked about this story to my friend who is a screenwriter, and it was broadcasted on a radio a few years ago, so I would like to post it here. The story is a little different from the facts, but the drama unfolds with a lot of humor. 

(only Japanese)


God listens carefully and accepts our even small prayers.  

This is my testimony how God loves me and takes care of a dream of little child.

Have you ever prayed what you want bravely ? Don't hesitate to do that.