Our Friend, Mrs. Reiko Suzuki
Our friend, Mrs Reiko Suzuki


 She was born in the town of Nachi Katsuura, Japan. She is a cram school teacher, teaching from home. Today, she teaches with her son. She has a special talent of teaching English to children. She even took her students to California to learn English firsthand in America.

She visited us with her friend when my family and I lived in Nepal. We went to an orphanage in Chitwan where a couple of Korean missionaries had been caring for thousands of orphans. I asked Reiko and her friend to entertain the children using their special talents. Reiko performed a magic show and her friend danced a Classical Japanese dance for the children. The children were very excited and enjoyed watching the two of them perform. I found out then that Reiko had been working as a volunteer magician in Kinan area of Japan for 10 years.


She has always liked photography, and she joined a photography club eight years ago. Under the guidance of a professional teacher she refined her skills. She’s submitted her work to many exhibitions and received many compliments. An exhibition with her work is currently being held in Kumano City (Until August 22 ).

In addition, her photos have been selected through a contest and will be in the Shingu city's tourist calendar.

Please Enjoy her photos.


Some of her Works
Nachi Bay viewed from Myouhou.

Nachi Bay from Myohou.



Nachi Highland.

Maruyama Senmaida


Cosmos at Irogawa

                                                 Fog and Cosmos at Huden Toge