Urgent Prayer Request from Japan

Urgent Prayer Request from Japan

A friend of ours asking us to pray

Her mother, age of 82 living in senior home has huge ovarian cyst which is compressing inferior vena cava. Inferior vena cava is a big vein collecting bloods from lower body. She has both leg swelling but recently it worsens and extends to both thigh level.

In these cases, deep venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism occurs often just like famous "Economy Class Syndrome" after the long flight.

She has been referred both obstetrics and cardio-vascular specialist. At the first hospital they refused to treat because she is senile dementia.

At the second hospital, they say there are no embolism in leg veins now, so she can wait until operation at her senior home without any preventive measures for embolism.

She will be admitted on 11th and operated on 12th of August.

She wish us to pray that she will be protected from any thrombotic and embolic events before admission to hospital. And also for her operation safety and that after operation her recovery would be prompt and protected.

Thank you all.