Message: "The Power of Praise"      Sep 5, 2021
This picture was taken at Lusaka, Zambia in 1995. This is Junior Zambia Acapella choir practicing for Musical " Lion King" at our home. They are serving Jesus at Churches in USA and supporting school at their home village. Please listen to their song before today's Message.

Message: "The Power of Praise"      Sep 5, 2021


Even if you're not a Christian, you've probably heard of hymns, chants, praising songs, gospel music, and so on.


I used to work at a hospital where we were allowed to listen to music for a minute before staff meetings. When I chose "Amazing Grace," a staff said, "Oh, that's the theme song for Masashi Sada's 'The Lion Who Stands in the Wind'. It’s popular in Japan."

Following video talks how this song was born. Let us listen to the story and song.


In Christian worship, there are prayers, messages, and sacraments. Praise also has an important role. Have you ever had the soul-stirring experience of praising with people or hearing wonderful praise or performance? Why does praise have such power?


Is it just the power of music? Music indeed has the power to bring comfort and energy to people's hearts. Songs contain the passion of the writer. But praise is much more than the power of music in Christianity.

The reason for this is the power of the truth that the praise is trying to convey.

Every praise expresses the great love of God, and we give thanks.


And praise is based on faith. Today, I would like to focus on music instead of a message as usual.


Since I was a child, the hymns that I was familiar with at church and home worship services were "Jesus loves me" and "What a Friend we have in Jesus" Let's listen to these two songs.


" Jesus is the Best " is the first children's hymn I taught my sons. I wanted them to know who Jesus was first and foremost.


I grew up in a Protestant church and in a pastor's family, which was considered relatively conservative. We mainly sang hymns, but there was one chant that I loved to sing from time to time. It was "There is no substitute for Christ." It is still my motto and my goal in life.



I studied at the medical school of Ewha Woman's University in Korea.

It was 48 years ago. At that time, the Christian population was over 60% in Korea. In Japan, it was 0.8%. The Korean people I met were very vocal and sang very well.

I found an original Korean hymn on YouTube.

The melody is easy and the lyrics are so wonderful. 

I tried to translate them into Japanese and in English.

The title is "The Way of Jesus."



In a fog, at the place where I can see the Lord even no one could see

In that place where He reached out me and support me where I lost my way

The Lord speaks to me with taking my hands, “I am the way, true, and life”

I won't go any other way where is prepared by the Lord

The way of Jesus, its narrow one I walk with taking the His hand

I don’t worry anything, because I have the promise of the Lord


During my two years in Brazil, the pastor asked us to visit three terminally ill cancer patients, and we made home visits and fellowshipped with them. Each of them had a precious testimony. They left a precious testimony and passed away.

The song we sang at the baptismal service for one of them was "love lifted me," which was played on the ocarina by missionary Michio Ono at last week's service.



I believe that praise is a message that enhances our spirituality and speaks to us through melodies and short words. Many are deeply meaningful and moving, and I hope to share more of them with you someday.


I pray that you will be full of God's love this week.