Rev.Megumi reports progress and requests prayer.

Pastor Megumi wrote

Thank you so much for your concern and prayer.


There was a reason why I didn't post my medical situations until now.

Actually, I was informed a strong suspicion of biliary tract cancer on CT at Iwate Medical University, then I was examined in more detail.

Doctor explained me that it is not able to say if it is cancer or not exactly.

And he is going to operate and find out diagnosis at that time.

However, in case cancer is highly suspected, I believe that open surgery is much safer than the laparoscopic way.  

Then I asked more accurate explanation to his boss.

He explained nicely and same time he recommended me the expert doctor at the National Cancer Center in Tokyo.

Because doctors of Iwate are going to do laparoscopy method even if the cancer is highly suspected.


I decided to go to the National Cancer Center and moved to Tokyo a few days ago.

Now, I have been staying at a hotel near by the hospital and I have gone through the exams every day.

I will be informed the final results this Wednesday afternoon.


These are my prayer request:


1) All the examination will be completed tomorrow (September 7th) with a gastro-endoscopy and abdominal echo. On Tuesday, doctors will discuss about the final conclusions. Please pray that it is not malignant.


2) They hesitate to operate me even my current condition is stable now. Because there is no specialists of the cardiovascular medicine here. I'll just trust God whatever they decide.


3) Even if I am not able to have surgery at this hospital, I am sure that Doctor would surely introduce me a new hospital in the best way.


Everyone, it is hard for me to explain individually. Please keep reading my future progress as I will post it all on “Mustard Seed Chapel” web site.

Thank you again sincerely for your prayer.