Our friend: Chef. Mr. Kunihiko Oshikawa

Japanese Cuisine Chef

We met Japanese Cuisine chef Mr. Kunihiko Oshikawa at San Francisco in 2018. His wife and he came to our sister's house bringing many best ingredients and plates and started cooking. He cooked so many wonderful and beautiful Japanese dishes. They are the best ones which I have never tasted before. He is always happy to cook and serve for as many guests as hosts want to invite. 

Chef Mr. Kunihiko Oshikawa

Profile of Mr. Oshikawa
He was born in Miyazaki Prefecture in 1947. When he was a junior high school student, he got a job as a part-time at a fish shop and decided to be a chef of Japanese cuisine.
He joined the famous Japanese restaurant "Kyoya" in Hawaii in the 70's. During his 20 years, he has worked as a chef for in-flight meals of Japan Airlines (JAL). In the autumn of 1975, His boss and he were in charge of in-flight meals for Majesties the Emperor Showa.
He and his wife, Emiko have lived in San Francisco for 30 years and they returned to Hawaii and enjoy playing golf.

Some of His Cooking