May 7, 2023: Temporary short Worship Service :  "On the Mother's Day"” 

May 7, 2023: Worship Service : ,"On the Mother's Day"” 


Prelude: " Mary Did You Know "



Mother's Day this year is next week, May 14. Jesus' mother's name was Mary, but what about His father?


His father was named Joseph, but he wasn't Jesus’s real father because God especially gave Mary a child. But I believe that Joseph cherished and loved Jesus very much as his child.


That's right. It says in the Bible that it is through the Holy Spirit. I don't believe that parents who are related by blood are always good. What is important is whether they love children. In the U.S. many people who have adopted children are taking good care of them even if they have their children.


Let's make a plan for our mom next week.


Message: Today's service is temporary due to Pastor Megumi's short medical rest, please see "Memories of Mother's Day" from past articles.


Postlude: " Declare HIs Glory "